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Minicomic Minute

by Jon Chad

Split Fountain or Rainbow Roll
'The Everything Bagel' by Jonathan Rotsztain

'The Crooked Cuyahoga' by Bryn Adams

Stab-Binding & Screen-Print w/Photocopy
'Vengeance at Cackling Mountain' by Shawn Cheng

Vertically-Oriented Comic w/Die-Cut Cover
'Dig' by Isabella Rotman

Accordion Book
'The Prey Back' by Will Varner

Three Colour Screen Printed Cover
'Tales from Aeaea' by Andrea Kalfas

Great Use of a Theme
'Time' by Various (anthology)

4-color Screen-Print Wrap-Around Cover
'Talamaroo' by Alabaster

Newspaper Style Comic w/Belly Band
'Mangy Mutt Comics' by Dan Rinylo

Risograph Printing
'maggots' by Kris Mukai

A Well Themed Minicomic
'Hey, 4-Eyes #3' by Robyn Chapman

Double Gatefold
'Looking Good' by Will Dinski

Single Sheet of Paper Foldout
'SHE IS RESTLESS vol 3: Maelstrom' by Rebecca Mir

Die-Cut Cover (#5) and Gatefold (#6)
'Roxie #5 & #6' by Stephanie Mannheim

How Paper Dimensions Can Add to a Readers' Experience
'Addicted to Bumpers' by Falynn K

Compiled from Festival Season. Videos by Jon Chad