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HowTo: Upload Images

Step 1 describes how to upload a comic.
Step 2 shows a cartoonist where to update their contact information.
Step 3 shows where to upload a custom indicia image.

STEP 1 - Upload Images

1) Go here to login. After logging in it should default to the 'books' page.

2) Click the Add button and fill out the book metadata.

Add the book name to the Name field and click anywhere outside the input box. Fill out the rest of the metadata fields. Thanks to Bill Kartalopoulos for help with this.

3) Click Upload Images

Most comic images should be exported to the PNG file format and use 256 colours or less. For portrait images a minimum width of 1600px is recommended. For landscape images a minimum width of 2560px is recommended. See this howto page for more information on resizing and exporting images from Photoshop.

4) Click Add files…
After all the images have been uploaded, the order of the images can be changed by clicking the up or down arrows to the left of each image.

STEP 2 - Update Profile

A link to the profile page is here.

STEP 3 - Add Custom Indicia Image

A link to the indicia page is here.