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Howto: Batch-Export Images

Many repetitive editing steps can be automated by using Photoshop's action feature. Running the same commands on many files is called a batch process. This tutorial will show how to use a batch process to resize and export multiple PSD images outputting to PNG images for use on the web.

Create the Batch Action

Open one of your final-edited PSD files to create the action.

Optional: Create a dedicated folder (called a set in Photoshop) for your action, so it does not get mixed in with existing actions:

Name your 'set' folder:

Create your action:

Name your action in a meaningful way, so you can recall what it does later. (In this example we'll export to 8-bit PNG with 64 colors images and resize to a width of 1920px.) Make sure the action goes into the correct set folder and ignore the other options:

Now we'll add the steps for exporting the PSD images to PNG images for use on the web.

First, flatten the PSD layers – otherwise you might get undesired artifacts around the image borders:

Next, resize the image to the desired width. Go to the full tutorial for details on how to resize images:

Now export the PNG for use on the web. Check the full tutorial for more details.

Important: When saving, choose a folder, but do not alter the suggested file name. Changing the file name will interfere with the execution of the batch action.

Finally close your PSD file without saving it and stop the recording of your action:

Run the Batch Action

To run the batch action on all your final PSDs, open the batch menu:

Choose the correct set and action. For source, select the folder where your PSDs are located. Ignore the other options and press 'OK'. Now watch as Photoshop does all the tedious work for you :-).