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Minicomic FAQ

Who Sells Small Press Comics?

  • Ada Books, Providence RI
  • Alternate Reality, Las Vegas NV
  • Amazing Books, Pittsburgh PA
  • Atomic Books, Baltimore MD
  • Back Pages Books, Waltham MA
  • The Beguiling, Toronto On
  • Bergen Street Comics, Brooklyn NY
  • Big Idea, Pittsburgh PA
  • Big Planet Comics, E. Vienna VA
  • Bizzaro Wuxtry, Athens GA
  • Brave New Worlds, Philadelphia PA
  • Carmine Street Comics, New York City NY
  • Casablanca Comics, Portland ME
  • Chapel Hill Comics, Chapel Hill NC
  • Chicago Comics, Chicago IL
  • Comic Envy, Asheville NC
  • Comix Experience, San Francisco CA
  • Copacetic, Pittsburgh PA
  • Danger Room Comics, Olympia WA
  • Desert Island, Brooklyn NY
  • Drawn & Quarterly, Montreal QC CANADA
  • Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, Seattle WA
  • Fantastic Books, Berkeley CA
  • Fatbottom Books, Barcelona, SPAIN
  • Floating World, Portland OR
  • Forbidden Planet, New York City NY
  • Gosh!, London UK
  • Guide to Kulchur, Cleveland OH
  • Jim Hanley’s Universe, New York City NY
  • Kilgore Books & Comics, Denver CO
  • Laughing Ogre, Columbus OH
  • Locust Moon Comics, Philadelphia PA
  • Lucky's, Vancouver BC
  • Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles CA
  • Ooga Booga, Los Angeles CA
  • Orbital Comics, London UK
  • Paperish Mess, Chicago IL
  • Phantom of the Attic, Pittsburgh PA
  • Pikitia Press, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  • Quimby's, Chicago Il
  • Secret Headquarters, Los Angeles CA
  • Skylight Books, Los Angeles CA
  • South Philly Comics, Philadelphia PA
  • Spit and a Half, John P's small press distro
  • Thank You Comics, Los Angeles CA
  • Titan Comics, Dallas TX
  • Tony Shenton, Sales rep specializing in direct sales of small press comics
  • Velocity Comics, Richmond VA
  • Wow Cool, Cupertino CA
  • Zanadu Comics, Seattle WA

Where To Get Promotional Items Made?

Info on CreateSpace

  • The print quality is decent
  • The lines aren't quite as black or as smooth.
  • A b&w book is $2.15USD per book plus shipping.
  • More than 105 pages, the price increases.
  • Since it's print-on-demand, there's no commitment to large print runs.
  • The shipping is expensive, about $0.50USD per book, more if you order less than 50 at a time.
  • Keiler Roberts printed Miseryland using CreateSpace

What Is a Nice Stapler for Minicomics?

Kickstarter Gotchas

  • Approval for a KS campaign take approximately 48hrs
    • SB: I think the best time to start a campaign is Sunday night (EST)
  • Shipping costs count toward goal
  • The copy or shipping costs in a reward section can not be altered after the project has been submitted and at least one person has bought the reward
  • Customers can't buy qty of a reward
  • Customers can't buy two or more rewards
  • backerkit to add new rewards after the KS campaign is complete

How are Cartoonists Paid via Comixology Unlimted?

Comixology/Amazon takes the total amount of the money they receive via the service and keeps 50% for themselves (holy barf). Using $20k/month as an example, they then calculate the total number of page-turns for that month and whatever percentage of that number is your page-turn total, then that's the percentage of the money a cartoonist receives. Say on a given month that Cankor was read 1% of the time, then you'd receive $100 for that month – $20k/2/1% = $100. Comixology Unlimited is paid out quarterly with a minimum balance of $100. The details are here.